morbidmusings (morbidmusings) wrote,

Another Christmas Done

Was a rough one this year, friends. Was a rough one. Between finances and family drama, most of my Christmas wasn't very merry. But, there was some good. So I'm hanging on to that. The kids liked their gifts. I got some nice things. I got to spend a lot of time with my sweetness. No one lost an eye. See? Positives.

My sweetness and I did watch a lot of Sons of Anarchy, though. Our friends have been raving about this show for awhile, and we spent some time with them on Christmas Eve (the highlight of my weekend) and they convinced us to give it a shot. A shot we gave it, and at this point we have 4 episodes of the second season left. We haven't zoomed through a show like this since Dexter! Of course we have a lot more catching up to do. The show is pretty great, but also extremely intense. It pushes some of my buttons. And it's very dense. So it made for a surreal weekend. I had weird dreams last night, too. So I'm feeling a little out of sorts, but I'm not all that concerned. I think I just need some chill time. Got my Nook Color now, so I think I'll do more reading and writing than tv watching this week.

Anyhoo, another short week (I have Friday off and was off yesterday), so that's a plus. And New Years brings a close to this horrific year and the promise of better things in 2012. I haven't been this happy to see a year end in a long time.

Hope everyone had a happy holiday! And if I don't post again until next year, have a happy and safe New Year!

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