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WTF has happened to you, LiveJournal?

It's been more than a year since I last posted. I'm not sure what exactly triggered my desire to come poking back around, but here I am. I have been very active over on FaceBook, so I just figured to hell with LJ. But because of a few busybody drama llamas I had to make my FB private and "unfriend" most of the horror writing community. So where do I go now if I want to spout off where anyone can hear? I guess I go back to LJ.

But when I get here I see that the place, well, sucks. Maybe it's a coincidence that I check back in on a day they're having site issues? But it seems to me I can't get anywhere without it either timing out or taking forever...or bringing up a blank white screen. I read through the last few posts I made, tried clicking on the comments to read them and up came a blank screen. Tried viewing the pics I posted from KillerCon...white screen. Tried clicking on the link up top to see recent posts by friends...white screen. And hell, logging in only took about 10 minutes. So, WTF, LJ? Why are you such a piece of shit now?

I'd ask for comments to let me know if this is just an off day or what, but I doubt I'll be able to read them. And now I'm thoroughly annoyed because I no longer feel like blogging about what I came here to blog about. Time to look into another blogging site, I suppose.

Anyway, as an aside, I'm still not smoking. :-)

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